Michael and Natalee
The Couple

The Couple: Our Story

A Mini-Theatrical Drama, played by two actors in six acts. Be warned the last act is really long.

Act One: Our First Meeting

NG: So we met at the Islands Restaurant on Pico in Los Angeles. We ate hamburgers and ice-cream for dessert, a meal that would typify our relationship. We ended the evening with a long stroll and great conversation.

ME: Is that the real story?

NG: That is where we met, isn't it?!

ME: Yes, but there is more.

NG: There is always more.

Act Two: Our Courtship

ME: I knew I liked Natalee, but you can never be too careful in L.A., so I took it slow and played it cool.

NG: I would like to say I did the same, but the truth is, I fell for him right away.

ME: So after we established that we liked each other, we met each other's friends. That worked out well, so we introduced our friends to each other — that worked out well also.

NG: Well, for the most part.

ME: After we met each other's families and everyone got along so well, we knew for sure.

Act Three: We Fall in Love

NG: I know I fell in love with you at the Dickens Festival, February 2007. But I remember that it took a bit for you to say that you loved me. I remember you said it over a great meal at Warszawa in Santa Monica.

ME: Who said it first?

NG: I don't know. But I know we both meant it.

Act Four: Our Engagement

ME: Sometimes I think you wanted to get married after our third date.

NG: You are probably right. Who wouldn't want to marry a guy that takes you to see Happy Feet?

ME: Well, nothing but the best for my gal!

NG: When you did ask me, you certainly got it right.

ME: Well thanks, I try.

NG: So, Michael asked me to marry him right after the Chris Isaak performance at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday, July 11th. For those of you that have not seen the “not fit for children” video, you can view it here.

ME: It really was “some enchanted evening.”

Act Five: Our Wedding

NG: Weddings have become way too commercial. So it is our intention to keep ours less commercial and more “special.”

ME: Why is “special” in quotes?

NG: Because it's going to be beautiful, laid back, romantic, and on-time.

ME: Oh, I though it was because of who we are planning to invite...

Act Six: The Rest of Our Lives

ME: I am so looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

NG: Are you stealing my lines?

ME: No. But if I were, you should get used to it. From now on, we are sharing everything: What's yours is mine and what's mine is yours.

NG: Now I know for sure that you're taking my lines!


...But really just the beginning!