Michael and Natalee
Yup, it's us.

Lodging FAQ

Where should I stay?

The following hotels are located within Marina del Rey. There are several other nearby hotels as well.

Important Note: The Best Western Jamaica Bay Inn will be under a complete remodel from December 2008 until some time in 2010. For whatever reason, the Best Western website still allows you to book your stay; however, the hotel will be closed during 2009, so please do not book there.

Any special rates?

Unfortunately, we could not guarantee the minimum number of reservations to qualify for a special wedding rate. However, all of the hotels noted above should offer a variety of discounts, including AAA and service member rates. If you have any questions, please call the hotel directly.

How long should I reserve the hotel?

The ceremony and reception will last from 11:00 AM until about 3:30 PM, so if it's possible that you may not need a hotel at all. If you're like us, though, you'll probably appreciate flying in the night before and flying out the day after, in which case you'd want to make your reservation for two nights (1/16 and 1/17) with check-out on Sunday, January 18. Of course, you may want to keep the room for Sunday night and fly out on Monday; there's lots of stuff to see and do in the Los Angeles area!

Any other recommendations?

Stay tuned!